EAT TECH KITCHEN is a cooking show for the modern age that explores how we consume our lives and how our lives consume us.

Hosted by two aliens (who recently fell to Earth after part of their cloud planet dissipated due to human pollution), the show invites human guests into the making of recipes designed by the aliens and their sidekick: a very stupid Artificial Intelligence Bot Chef. Guests are invited to cook alongside the alien chefs and their very dumb A.I. Bot Chef, to cook-up a series of Futurist-inspired recipes like the "Unfriend Ritual", "Influencer Amuse-Bouches", "Edible Likes", “Tinder Tenders“ and Battery Cocktails.

Designed through rigorous behavioral research, the recipes are reflecting on the absurdity, and reality, of how we consume our daily lives. By combining edible (and technological!) ingredients, visitors are encouraged to create unexpected culinary experiences that remix definitions of technology, ritual and consumption.

EAT TECH KITCHEN premiered as an installation at IDFA Doclab 2018 with daily cooking shows and a Sunday night EAT TECH Dinner Party.

Winner of IDFA Doclab competition for Immersive Non-Fiction.

Commissioned by Film Fund Doclab Interactive Grant, IDFA Doclab.

Part of the Immersive Network R&D program of MIT OpenDocLab.

Sundance New Frontiers Fellows 2019.

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